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In any Florida family law case involving a minor child, the court is obligated to rule in the child’s best interest. Thus, if a party fails to demonstrate how or why their requested relief will benefit the child in question, their request will likely be denied. This was illustrated recently in a Florida ruling in which the court reversed a trial court order denying parents’ unopposed request to change the first name of their minor daughter. If you need assistance with a family law matter involving a minor child, you should seek advice from a Miami family law attorney about your options for pursuing your desired outcome.

Factual Backdrop of the Case

It is alleged that the parents of a seventeen-year-old child filed an unopposed petition to change their child’s first name. The trial court denied their motion after which they filed a motion for rehearing. The trial court denied their motion as well, after which they appealed.

Grounds for Granting a Name Change Request

On appeal, the court affirmed the trial court’s initial order in which it denied the parents’ petition to change the child’s first name but reversed the second order denying the parents’ motion for rehearing. First, the court explained that it reviews trial court decisions in such matters for abuse of discretion. Continue reading ›