Divorce Lawyers In Broward Suggest Virtual Time-Sharing

Many clients will ask their Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney how they will have contact an access with their child in cases involving relocation or in which one parent resides outside of the state where their child resides. Video chats through the internet and programs such as Skype have become very popular in parenting plans. In fact, Florida marital and family lawyers believe that language regarding virtual time-sharing will soon become entrenched into all parenting plans.

Presently video conferencing between a parent and child is used by parents who face distance hurdles such as one parent living in Los Angeles and one parent residing in Miami. While relocation of a minor child often carries a difficult burden of proof, professionals believe that virutal access between a parent and a minor child is in his or her best interest.

Video conferencing between a parent and child is not a substitute for doing homework with a child or watching a child enjoy extracurricuar activities. There is a tremendous benefit in a child being able to immediately see their parent by webcam chatting. However, there still remains many unanswered questions such as whether virtual access should take place in front of the other parent and whether the use of technology by Miami child custody attorneys will be beneficial in all cases.