Broward Bakery Makes Divorce Cakes For Divorce Parties

If you are interested in buying a divorce cake, a local bakery in Cooper City, Florida can provide you with your custom cake. A Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney has learned that couples who divorce in Broward are throwing parties to celebrate that their marriage is over. These parties help transition a party from married life to single life. One divorce party planner strictly provides services to divorcees. The company allows a divorcee to choose from different themes depending upon their own preferences.

Divorce party planners believe that divorce parties justify the traumatic experience that people go through following a trial in Fort Lauderdale that deals with alimony, child support, child custody and other marital and family law matters. The party fulfills a void in a person’s life during a crisis such as a divorce.

For some individuals, celebrating their divorce fulfills the need for companionship. During and after a divorce, people are on their own. They tend to feel anxious and depressed. While some people spend as much as they spent on their wedding, a divorce party can also be viewed as an unfortunate way to celebrate a family that has been split up.

At one divorce party, a former wife had a three layer cake that had a knife-wielding bride and a bloodied groom. This woman looked at her divorce party as a way to celebrate being single and starting a new chapter in her life.

In the Muslim world, divorce parties provide a way for women to redeem themselves since divorce is considered a disgrace in this culture. At these parties, single men bring women perfume, money and camels. These parties often last for three days or until the woman finds a new man.