Groom Arrested After Allegedly Defrauding St. Augustine Wedding Merchants

A man was arrested in September for allegedly defrauding a wide variety of St. Augustine, Florida merchants after he reportedly failed to pay for more than $17,000 worth of flowers, catering, professional photography and a host of other expenses related to his July 2010 wedding. In addition to being accused of making fraudulent purchases at several St. Augustine businesses using his mother’s credit card, he also faces charges for failing to pay his child support and jumping bail.

The man’s bride has stated she knew something wasn’t quite right when she walked down the aisle, but she ignored all of the warning signs and married the “nice guy” she loved anyway. She quickly realized her prince charming wasn’t quite what he claimed to be. Less than one year after taking her wedding vows, the 37-year-old kindergarten teacher reportedly made the decision to move out of the couple’s home and start her life over.

When the pair met, the groom was a divorced father who claimed to flip houses for a living and appeared from the outside to be financially secure. They reportedly went on vacation trips and he hosted a lavish engagement party for their friends and family. At the time, no obvious signs of financial distress were apparent.

According to the bride, the man’s father implored her to watch his spending on the couple’s wedding day two years after they met. One month after they married, the man allegedly took his wife’s engagement ring to have it altered and never returned it. Then her laptop reportedly disappeared. Three months after the couple was married, the man was arrested for allegedly writing bad checks in order to pay for that expensive engagement party. When he was arrested again the following June, his wife made the decision to leave her marriage.

She later learned that the man kept her from speaking to his ex-wife throughout their relationship because he was wanted for failure to pay child support. A mere 14 months after her marriage, the woman is not only rebuilding her life, but also her ruined credit.

It is easy to believe this could never happen to you. Each year many Americans find themselves in the midst of an unwelcome divorce, often through no fault of their own. The host of emotions associated with the end of a marriage can be overwhelming, but the financial damage that can accompany a divorce is often devastating. If you find yourself faced with an unexpected divorce, you need a qualified divorce attorney to help you protect your financial interests. A Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer can explain your options and help you file your case.

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