Eleven Things That Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney Should Tell You About Children

During your divorce or paternity case in Broward County, minor children are often placed in the middle of their parents custody, time-sharing and parenting plan disputes. Your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer will explain to you that your child is entitled to have a relationship with both parents. The marital and family law court located north of Hallandale Beach in downtown Fort Lauderdale will do its best to protect your children during your case.

You should always remember to think about what is in the best interest of your children. The following will help your children prosper and maintain the best behavior during and after your divorce or paternity case:

1. Children should have the right not to be asked to choose sides between their parents.

2. Children should not be told the details of a bitter, nasty divorce.

3. Children should not be told bad things about the other’s personality or character.

4. Children should be able to speak to the other parent in privacy, unless that parent is suspected of abuse.

5. Children should have the right not to be cross examined after visiting the other parent.

6. Children should not be used as a messenger from one parent to the other.

7. Children should not be asked to tell untruths by one parent to the other.

8. Children have the right not to be used as a confidante regarding the divorce proceedings by one parent or the other.

9. Children need to be able to express their feelings.

10. Children have the right to be protected from parental warfare.

11. Most importantly, children have the right to love their parents — both their mother and their father.