Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney’s Advice On Depositions

If you are currently in the process of a divorce in the Broward County, your spouse’s Fort Lauderdale lawyer will most likely request to take your deposition. Under Florida Law, once a petition for divorce is filed with the court, both parties are mandated to disclose to the other side their current financial information. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys use depositions to learn greater detail about the other party’s finances and lifestyle.

A deposition is witness testimony given under oath and recorded for use at a later date in court. Here is a helpful list of what to do and what not to do during your deposition.

1) Request time prior to the deposition for your attorney to prepare you.

2) Review the documents you have already disclosed to the other side and familiarize yourself with how you responded to interrogatories and other questions in the past. You may be asked to answer the same questions again and will want to remain consistent.

3) Do not bring any documents to the deposition unless instructed by your attorney.

4) Do not volunteer information. If you are asked a yes or no question, give a yes or no answer.

5) Tell the truth! Depositions are taken under oath and everything you say is recorded by a court reporter.

6) Dress appropriately, speak clearly, and remain calm. Answer the questions assertively and with confidence.

7) Think about the attorney’s question. Take a second or two to formulate a short answer. Then speak. There is no rush.

8) Keep your answers short. If the opposing counsel requires additional information, he or she will ask for it.

9) If there is a moment of silence after you have finished speaking, do not be tempted to elaborate your answer. Sit tight and wait for the attorney to ask you another question.

10) Do not answer a question that you do not understand. Instead ask for the attorney to clarify or rephrase the question.