Notorious Child Support Evader and Florida Child Support Law

In November 2012, a fifty-year-old father of three was found and arrested in the Philippines and extradited to the US after having been featured on the Department of Health and Human Services list of “Most Wanted Deadbeats”.In 1995, a county judge in Long Island, NY ordered the man to pay $750 per week (which was eventually increased to $995), to his ex-spouse for the support of their two children. The couple had been married for 10 years, and the man’s annual income from his own business was over $500,000.

In 1997, the man moved to Florida and married his second wife, with whom he had his third child. Shortly after, the couple divorced and the man was ordered to pay an additional $625 to his second wife for child support. This is when the man fled the country.

After having paid a total of $87,000 worth of child support payments, he stopped. Warrants for his arrest were issued in 2000 and 2002. To evade payments and prosecution, he fled the country. He was located in Thailand before being arrested in the Philippines.

After being brought back to the US, the amount of child support in arrears, plus penalties and fees owed by the man, totaled over $1.2 million. Attorney Loretta Lynch described his character when she said in a statement: “Neither court orders nor the familial bond meant anything to him as he fled to avoid his obligations.” He could see a four year sentence for such support evasion, however, according to his first wife, he should be a free man to be able to work off his debt, which he is fully responsible to pay.

Florida Child Support Info
It is most advisable to contact an experienced family law attorney to assist you in calculating and submitting your financial information that will be the basis of your child support payments. Child support payments can be determined during your divorce action or possibly on a later date. Child support can also be modified due to changes in either spouses’ living situation. Courts will generally base child support on annual income, however they can take into consideration many other factors: including health costs, custody, cost of living, etc. Payments may be made weekly, biweekly, or bimonthly.

Either spouse can make a motion to court to adjust their child support for good cause. Enforcement of payments is performed by the Florida Department of Revenue. Failure to pay can lead to liens, suspension of vehicle or business licenses, harm to one’s credit score, or even prosecution.

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