The Dwayne Wade Divorce Saga Has Ended

Residents of the Miami-Dade area, even Florida itself, have heard a lot about Dwayne Wade over the past year. He has had a storied history both on the court and in court. As one of the Miami Heat’s most prized players, Dwayne Wade has lived the typical athlete’s life of marriage and divorce that involve high stakes finances mixed with public attention. Wade’s stands out for its marathon duration, however.The beginnings of this divorce epic began quite simply. In 2002, Wade married his high school girlfriend. The marriage lasted five years until he filed for divorce. The divorce was finally granted three years later in 2010 after a long, drawn-out divorce court battle. Wade retained full custody of their two sons after the court, in its 102 page ruling, described his wife as embarking on a relentless crusade to alienate Wade’s children away from him. Now in 2013, six years after divorce was filed for, the one last thing left unresolved was the division of Wade’s fortune. Until now.

The claims made by Siohvaughn Funches, Wade’s former wife, have been a tabloidist’s dream. On July 19, despite claims by Wade’s attorney that Wade had been paying Funches $25,000 a month in spousal support, Funches took to the streets of Chicago, portraying a destitute woman with a sign reading “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets”. Wade additionally had provided her with four cars, paid for her mortgage, maintenance, security and taxes. During the legal process, Funches employed 16 different attorneys to battle Wade, all fees for which Wade paid.

The settlement agreement entitles Funches to $5 million. There are strings attached to this agreement, however. The agreement includes a “non-disparage” provision essentially meant to discourage and punish disparaging remarks made by one party against the other. Reportedly, this provision also protects against comments made by Funches against Wade’s new girlfriend and Wade’s family.

Such non-disparage provisions are not uncommon in celebrity splits, but are a good idea in most separations where children are involved. Negative comments made with malice, especially made unwittingly during the emotional turmoil of a separation or divorce, often have a major impact on the development of the children and their desired relationship with their loving parents. Non-disparage agreements must be carefully constructed, and it is advisable to speak with a Florida divorce attorney to achieve the best results.

The book is now closed on the division of finances for Wade and Funches. But no one should assume the story is over, as Funches is still exploring methods to acquire visitation rights for their children. Wade’s attorney says that due to her history and seeming mental instability, visitation rights may be difficult to acquire, however.

The Florida Law Firm of Sandy T. Fox is here to help those in the Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale areas achieve a painless efficient divorce. We understand that family law issues may have their difficulties emotionally, but they do not also have to be a legal nightmare. With professionalism and experience on your side, we keep your goals and desires as the forefront of our mission. Whether you are going through a divorce or separation or are expecting one, or inquiring about your rights, please contact us for a confidential consultation. If you are in the South Florida area, please give our office a call at (800) 596-0579 or contact us online.

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