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Your Broward divorce lawyer will explain to you the importance of minimizing the impact of your divorce for the benefit of your children. While Florida marital and family law has a presumption for shared parental responsibility, your children may feel torn between you and your spouse’s custody, time-sharing and parenting plan litigation in the Broward divorce court. However, the effect of your Fort Lauderdale divorce can effect your children during their marriage.

Children who grew up residing with both of their parents are less likely to get divorced or separated than those who did not. 18% of adults who grew up in an intact family have never been divorced or separated. On the other hand, 28% of those who lived in a non-intact family have been divorced or separated.

Adult children of divorced parents have an elevated risk of seeing their own marriages end in a divorce. Unfortunately, children from a divorced home have significant doubts about marital stability. They also have a greater perceived chance of divorce and more often report marital difficulties even when they are happily marriage. Children from a divorced home are more likely to escalate conflict and reduce communication with their spouse.

During your divorce or paternity case in Broward County, minor children are often placed in the middle of their parents custody, time-sharing and parenting plan disputes. Your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer will explain to you that your child is entitled to have a relationship with both parents. The marital and family law court located north of Hallandale Beach in downtown Fort Lauderdale will do its best to protect your children during your case.

You should always remember to think about what is in the best interest of your children. The following will help your children prosper and maintain the best behavior during and after your divorce or paternity case:

1. Children should have the right not to be asked to choose sides between their parents.

It is very common for feuding spouses to stay together for the sake of their children. Instead of seeking a divorce in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court in Broward County, spouses stay married despite their growing disdain for one another. Psychologists from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties have all studied the disconcerting effects divorce has on the kids. However, new research has led many Fort Lauderdale couples to file for divorce despite their children because staying together may have more damning effects than breaking apart.

Studies from the past have concluded that children of divorced parents are more likely to have lower grades, have high risk of health issues, and are more likely to become the victim of child molestation. On top of these risks, there are emotional damages as well, feelings of guild and abandonment.

Today Show psychologist correspondent Robi Ludwig, reached the conclusion that divorce is sometimes a good thing for the kids. When parents who are involved in a high-conflict marriage, where there is a lot of yelling and arguing, stay together, the children are deeply affected. The constant arguing causes the children to feel stressed out. Moreover, it leads them to feel ignored because their parents are continuously absorbed in their own contentious battle. The children start to feel that their needs are not being met at home. All of these emotions and feelings led the children to engage in dysfunctional behaviors.

Children whose parents are going through a divorce in Broward County, Florida have a tough time dealing with the breakdown of their family. M. Gary Neuman, a Florida psychotherapist, is the creator and founder of The Sandcastles Program, which helps South Florida families cope with the inevitable stress resulting from divorce.

Sandcastles originated in Miami-Dade County, Florida and is now mandatory for families seeking a divorce. The Judge will not enter a final divorce decree if the minor children have not participated in the Sandcastles Program. Unlike Miami-Dade County, Florida, minor children are not required to take the Sandcastles course when there parents get divorced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sandcastles is a three-and-a-half-hour, one time group session for children of divorce between the ages of six and seventeen. The children meet in a group where they find solace in other children who are also going through divorce in their home. For three hours the children role-play, draw pictures, write poems, compose letters to their parents, and answer questions about their experience. The last half hour includes the children’s parents and focuses on improving communication between them. The Sandcastles program has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Whether you reside in Weston, Hollywood, Hallandale, Cooper City, or any of the cities in Florida it is important that you minimize the pain that a child suffers during your divorce. Many parents do anything and everything to avoid upsetting their child during the dissolution of their marriage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, the best of intentions are often forgotten when a couple begins the process of a divorce in Broward County, Florida.

Key factors that affect a child’s ability to cope with their parents divorce are the quality of contact with both parents and the level of contact between them. During a divorce, you must provide a stable environment for your child at a time when, ironically, you may feel that you are least able to provide it.

The following are important tips how you can minimize the impact of a divorce on your child: